Octapod updated with new “Smack-A-Pod” mode.

May 3, 2013 in Octapod

We’ve updated Octapod again! This update added a new “smack-a-pod” mode where users can tap the Octapods (they have amusing responses) to gain points. If you’re score is high enough, you unlock the next level. WARNING- this is still incomplete, we’ll be adding more levels in the next update. We’d love any feedback on the new mode. Keep in mind that this is a side project (The PUNY EARTHLINGS project is currently high-priority, and will be a complete & awesome game).

Octapod is now free!

April 20, 2013 in Octapod

Today Octapod was updated on iTunes. The original game is now free to install and play, PLUS we’ve added new environments (including the Cloud Castle Environment), which are available for purchase from the iTunes store. 

Note that all of the original environments as well as access to Holiday Octapod are still included in the free app. Oh and the chuuu sound effect has been restored. Thanks for the feedback, and enjoy the game!

Octapod on iTunes