Coming soon: Puny Earthlings!

April 23, 2013 in iTunes, Ouya, Puny Earthlings

Mountain Shack announces the upcoming release of our newest space adventure: Puny Earthlings.

As a member of an advanced civilization, your task is to collect data and perform science experiments with the goal of making the universe a better place. During your investigations, you encounter the pesky and invasive species of Earthlings ruthlessly exploiting the resources of a remote young galaxy.  The Universal Council deems this rather unintelligent species a minor inconvenience, but one that must be contained before it gets out of hand. Soon you find yourself acting as the universal pest control, working to contain the spread of this organism.

Experience the extreme power of an advanced space traveling species, and witness the futile efforts of the Puny Earthlings!

Coming soon to iTunes for your mobile devices and the new $99 console, the Ouya!